How to determine if a HTTP Response is complete

Sounds easy right? Almost. There is, unfortunately, a bit more to it than to just search for a CRLF-String or testing whether the content-length matches. Just for the curious, this is a list of valid response-finished detection techniques. 1. Content-Length If the response has a content-length-header, it’s easy. Just check whether the body of the [...]


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Donate a project day ( Suggestion )

I think it’s a common experience for software developers to have some abandoned, failed, outdated or otherwise discontinued projects somewhere on your disk. I also think that it’s okay to start projects and to not finish them – sometimes the purpose of a project is to learn something new, waste time or pretend to be [...]


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About the iOS Photo Access "Security Problem"

MacRumors has reported that someone discovered a new iOS weakness which developers can use to upload the entire photo library. This is true, and the only thing a user has to do is to accept that an app can access location data for videos and photos. Afterwards, the developer has complete access to your library, [...]


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Distributed Management of personal contact Data

I just noticed, after reading the excellent blog post by Andreas Klinger about phone numbers, that I never really talked about what I did in my thesis on my blog. My thesis had the title “Distributed Management of personal contact data” and dealt with analyzing the problem that current data management facilities ( read: address [...]


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Howto: Install Jenkins on OS X and make it build Mac stuff

This guide is intended for Lion users. I just tried it on my machine, and it works. Let’s hope it works for you as well. What’s covered: How to install Jenkins as a standalone Service How to configure a Job that builds a generic Mac-Application Configuring Public Key SSH-Access ( Useful for git ) Prerequisites [...]


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iPad App concept based on a fluid layout

I’m going to discuss briefly a concept idea i had recently, replacing full-screen view controllers with a .. fluid layout. Just look at the video first to get an idea of what I’m talking about. Keep in mind that this is in no way a finished/polished app ( and probably will never be one, considering [...]


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Touch based text input sucks.

I made the experience that an extra-bold title might attract readers. Let’s see. It just occurred to me today that touch based input using software-emulated keyboards with keys and stuff is more stupid than anything else I can think of. Why is that? Keyboards were invented for typewriters. Typewriters are mechanical machines used by humans [...]


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Fun with nokogiri: Screen-scraping

I recently discovered that ikea is really scraping-friendly – they have their categories and products belonging to a category all linked very clean, and the product pages themselves include, as json, the complete product data necessary to display a product somewhere else ( say, on an iPad ). They also feature the assembly instructions linked [...]


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Fun with CFHTTPMessage, Headers and the HTTP Standard

TL:DR; CFHTTPMessage combines duplicate headers to a single string value containing all headers comma seperated. Thank you. I am currently developing a Proxy app that visualizes requests and gives you the ability to plug-and-play like filter and modify requests, which makes it a quite powerful tool for debugging web applications, mobile apps and so on. [...]


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Apples Network Link Conditioner only built for certain CPUs..

Xcode 4.1 comes with a nice tool called Network Link Conditioner, which is basically a GUI to configure certain settings of your network to make it behave like a “Lossy Edge Connection” or something similar. Why would anyone want to do this? In a nutshell, a bunch of bugs in iOS apps are only visible [...]


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