superflomo - starting up!

Hi everyone. I just wanted to tell you that as of today (or monday, to be precise), my new company, superflomo, has started doing business. You can find more information regarding mobile development and consulting services on our homepage (which is, at the moment, german only).


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Book recommendation: The design of everyday things

I’ve just had the pleasure of reading The Design of Everyday Things by Donald Norman. You should too. For one, it’s a nice tour through our world with the focus on user experience and usability – the author has such an attention to stuff I wouldn’t even notice ( if it wasn’t for this book [...]


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A few notes about.. the Galaxy Note

This week, Samsung decided to give me a Galaxy Note for a week to evaluate it in real use. Thanks for that, it’s a nice way for me to determine the current status of android and the quality of Samsung devices. After a few days, I’ve switched back to my iPhone. But the whole story [...]


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HN Meetup Stuttgart: Thank you!

Last thursday, some local nerds joined in for the first ( and certainly not last ) HackerNews meetup in Stuttgart at CoWorking 0711. With about 15 people present, we had the chance to listen to some really great stuff. Florian Welsch ( dividuum ) talked about a project of his called Geolua, a web-based geo-based [...]


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Meta: Removing all advertising, Flattr only.

Hi, just wanted to let you know that I’m removing all advertising from this blog right now, and the only way to generate revenue ( gotta love that term ) is to flattr specific posts. I feel this is a more honest way of trying to make some money of this blog than by annoying [...]


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Computer Metaphors

Until one understands the difference between pressing a button and seeing a light turn on as compared to the immense void of a blinking prompt that asks us to “imagine any possible mechanism” then our educational process is, ultimately, in vain. from: All your metaphors about computers are wrong by Gianni Tedesco.


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On Pluralism

Fellow nerds, I am tired of fighting. I am tired of fighting for my framework, for my favorite mobile device, for my favorite framework, for my favorite twitter client. There is no platform war, as well as there is no winner. It’s called diversity, and it’s a good thing. Stop using inappropriate terminology. War is [...]


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We are in beta. I am part of a great team, and we are building Hours. Hours is a new take on Time Tracking, and we think that we are ready to get your feedback. Head over to and grab your beta, we’d love to hear what you think about it. P.S.: iPhone version is [...]


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