impressive, prezi and other ways to kill PowerPoint

I’ve to admit, I haven’t used PowerPoint for 4 years, mostly because no one wanted me to present anything. Times have changed, I had to do 4 presentations in one week lately. Being forced to communicate through slides, I experienced a bit, and here’s my conclusion. The first presentation was built using Keynote, which is [...]


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Microsoft to finally create amazing software again

Of course, this is just fake. Unfortunately. The question in doubt is really when Microsoft is leaving its path leading to nowhere and starts over producing quality software again? Let’s summarize Microsofts products to have something to talk about.


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The top 25 programming errors: Watch and avoid

Security is always a big issue, whether you are writing for a big company or just for fun. But many people, especially beginners, tend to underestimate the importance of securing their applications dramaticially. While stuff like a well-designed interface and the proper function of the application is directly visible, security works the other way round: [...]


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Microsoft to receive the annual award for the funniest bug

Keep looking for that headline! The reason is simple, and you will agree ( hopefully ) that this is indeed a freaking funny bug description. The bug itself is funny, too. And I just don’t understand why, but let the details rest aside, and let’s enjoy it: A Web site cannot set a cookie if [...]


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Windows 7 Superbar vs. Mac OS' Dock

In case you haven’t heard about, since today, Microsoft’s Windows 7, the successor of Vista is available as a free download. Of course, it’s just a beta, and maybe they do it to distract a bit from not-so-well performing Vista, but anyway, if I had a PC, I’d certainly give it a try. But because [...]


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