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My name is Moritz, and it’s great that you are here. In a short, I am a software developer ( iOS, Ruby ) and one of the two managing directors at superflomo. we are available for consulting and development tasks in the mobile world, contact us!

I am a very passionate developer – I started with basic when I was 11 years old, and it’s only gotten better since then. I love what I’m doing. Currently, the focus of my work is both developing Mac applications ( you’ll see something great very, very soon ) and iPad apps. I have been doing mobile development for over two years, starting with Android then moving slowly towards iOS.

Of course, I have also experiences on other platforms. Most of my web-based projects use Rails or Ruby with Sinatra and some other easy-to-use fun technology that gets jobs done, which is always my primary focus. I am well-versed when it comes to database technologies, not only SQL but also a bunch of OR-Mappers ( even Hibernate! ).

I like to talk a lot. You can view the slides of recent presentations, or you could just invite me to your next usergroup/conference/family-meeting, as long as the topic is something worth talking about.

I have co-founded the Stuttgart Google Technology User Group, but have recently shut down my participation due to a lack of time.

If you catch me outside, you’ll most likely find my either taking pictures, I enjoy that a lot, or simply strolling around the city with friends. And if you don’t catch me, chances are I’m riding around somewhere in southern germany on my beautiful Ducati.

You can find me on several networks, here are some:

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